Where the Power-X portable solar generator can be used?

The Power-X portable solar generator can be used in many different scenes.

Such as, when power outage, the energy storage system is powered by battery and through inverter to supply power to loads. When you leave the socket, there is an instant socket on the Power-X solar system, which can be directly charged with your electronic device. Or when camping, the battery energy storage system can maintain the normal operation of the electrical camping appliances.

Today SNJO presents the applications of Power-X system and recommends it to you.

The Power-X solar energy storage system consists of two parts: off-grid inverter and battery modules. The 5000W off-grid inverter converts battery DC into loads AC. The capacity of the battery module can be configured according to the actual power consumption, up to 20kWh.

Application scenarios of Power-X portable solar generator Power-X portable solar generator

1.Outdoor events

Whether you’re hosting a barbecue or attending an outdoor event such as a music festival, the Power-X portable solar generator can run as long as clean renewable energy is available to power electronics such as barbecue machines and speakers.

2.Camping and caravanning

When camping or caravanning in the wilderness, the Power-X solar system can power basic equipment such as lights and refrigerators.

3.Home backup power

In the event of a power outage, the Power-X battery energy storage system can keep your home’s basic systems up and running.

4.Emergency preparedness

The Power-X portable solar generator can be a lifesaver in the event of an emergency when conventional power is not available, providing emergency power to a wide range of electrical equipment.

SNJO Power-X portable solar generator recommendation

If you are looking for a portable solar generator that can meet all your needs, we recommend the SNJO Power-X portable solar generator. This portable power station is suitable for homes with sudden power outages or in areas with unstable power supply. And Power-X off grid system is equipped with up to 20kWh lithium iron phosphate battery modules and a 5kW pure sine wave inverter. The solar system supports solar, mains or diesel charging and can be charged quickly.

Here are the application scenarios of the Power-X portable solar generator. If you need Power-X system, please feel free to contact us.