Household Smart Battery System

Neovolt Solar Battery System combines a hybrid inverter and LiFePO4 battery module to provide a reliable and efficient source of energy for households.

Max. 10KW PV Input

The 5kW hybrid inverter is a key component of the system, allowing for the efficient conversion of solar energy into usable electricity.

The maximum 10kW PV power generation power can be powered by 5kW, and the battery is charged at 5KW.

Power supply priority: Loads > Battery Storage > The Grid

This means that households can reduce their reliance on the grid and save money on their energy bills.

Load Power Detection Accuracy 10W

Generally, the load power detection accuracy of the energy storage system is generally 50 ~ 100W, and the battery release threshold of the energy storage system is 50 ~ 100W. This means that the small load at night at night, the energy storage system is “invisible” and “unable to let it go.”

If you installs a 5kWh battery, 0.5kWh from the grid is a loss of 10% of the income. 1kWh from the grid means losing 20%of the income.

The load power detection accuracy of Neovolt battery system is 10W, which can detect the use of micro-current devices such as routers. Priority uses the power stored in the energy storage battery, so as to save customers more electricity costs and reduce the frequency of municipal electricity.

Remote and Local Diesel Engine Control

With the automatic start-stop function of diesel engines, local EMS, Cloud or APP control can be used to adapt to most diesel engines on the market.

This energy storage system uses a new charging technology to adapt to a diesel engine. When the output voltage and frequency of the diesel engine have large fluctuations, the battery can still be charged stably.

This will greatly reduces your diesel engine investment and obtains more investment income.

Easy Installation

The battery system with an IP20 rating that protects against dust and water ingress. This ensures that the system can operate in a variety of environments.

Moreover, the installation of the energy storage system only takes only 3 steps, which can greatly save installation costs, so it accessible to a wide range of households.

Overall, the all-in-one solar power solution is an innovative and practical solution for households looking to gain stable electricity and reduce their energy costs.