3 Phase Hybrid Inverters 5-12KW

Max. DC Overload-50%

The new three phase inverter has up to 50% of the DC side overload, means its total capacity of photovoltaic components can larger than the capacity of the inverter.

145V Starting Voltage

The solar inverter has a low starting voltage of 145V, which can maximize the use of light energy power (especially in the morning and evening) to avoid frequent opening and shutdown of the inverter and the power loss brought by it.

150-850V MPPT Voltage

The hybrid inverter has 150-850V wide MPPT voltage range. On the one hand, it can improve the reliability of the power supply, and on the other hand, it can reduce the failure rate of the power supply.

High – efficiency Circuit Design

Professional circuit board design, high standardized integration process, precise point-to-point wiring production process. Reduce the number of circuit segments and the area of overlapping each other to reduce the risk of EMC. Efficient use of space makes the inverter more exquisite and small, the power density is higher, and the maintenance is easier.

Easy to Install

The plug-and-play design make them a perfect fit for newly installed solar and energy storage systems, while also offering retrofit options for households with existing PV systems.