12V200Ah LiFePO4 Battery for Backup Power Supply

12.8V lithium iron phosphate battery is an excellent backup power supply for both indoor and outdoor use.

The 12V 200Ah lithium battery has smart 200A BMS, which provide 360° protection. Such as over voltage protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, and short circuit protection.

And it made by grade A LFP cells, so it has a lifespan of over 4000 cycles. Additionally, the battery features a Bluetooth module that allows you to easily monitor its performance on your phone.

IP 65 waterproof lithium ion battery’s working temperature from -20℃ to 65℃, suitable for many temperature environments.

The 12V200Ah solar battery offers a 200A rated discharge current, and 50A rated charge current. And it with ≤2% self-discharge rate per month, so you can use the battery for a longer time.

The product comes with a 3-year warranty and excellent after-sales services.

Overall, the 12.8V 200ah lithium iron phosphate battery for anyone in need of a reliable backup power source. This solar battery is perfect for camping, emergencies, and home backup power.