SJ-M36E Portable Solar Panels for Outdoors 

The SJ-M36E series Folding Solar Panels offer three power options (100W, 200W, and 300W), making them an ideal choice for many applications. Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer, or someone who wants to harness the power of the sun, these portable solar panels are suitable for you.

Powerful and Efficient

SJ-M36E series Folding Solar Panels deliver exceptional performance. With a max. power voltage of 18.15V and an open-circuit voltage of 21.57V, these panels ensure optimal power conversion. They have 0-3% output tolerance, guaranteeing consistent and reliable power output. These panels have MC4 DC output, compatible with various devices.


SJ-M36E panels with -20℃ to 65℃ working temperature, so that are suitable for many environment. Whether it’s summer or winter, you can rely on these panels to provide reliable power.


SJ-M36E series PV panels are portability. This lightweight and foldable solar panel allow for easy transportation. When folded, it resembles a sleek briefcase, and it’s convenient to carry around. And when unfold, the panel use the kickstands to position it on any flat surface. Harness the power of sunlight and enjoy the freedom of electricity wherever you go.


These folding solar panels are also excellent in saving space. The built-in zippered accessory pouch ensures that all your charging cables and small accessories are in one place. The compact design of the solar panels further enhances their convenience, allowing you to make the most of limited storage space.

With the SJ-M36E series Folding Solar Panels, you can experience a clean and renewable energy no matter where you are.