ELF1000 Portable Power Solution for Indoors and Outdoors

ELF1000 portable solar power station with 1000W rated output power, 2000W peak output power. So it can meet most indoors and outdoors applications.

And ELF1000 portable power station compatible with 12V100Ah lithium/ lead-acid battery. You can replace inside battery easily by yourself.

There are 3 ELF1000 packages to choose:
① Only ELF1000 power station case, without 12V100Ah battery;
② ELF1000 power station with SNJO brand 12V100Ah lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery.
The lithium battery is IP65-rate and has a lifecycle of more than 4,000 cycles.
③ Based on ②, add a 200W folding solar panel. The 200W solar panel with 18.15V power voltage and 11.02A power current.

The portable solar power solution case measures 460 mm x 262 mm x 380 mm, weight 10kg. Its working temperatures range between -20 C and 65 C, and noise less than 60dB. So this power station is suitable for many environments.