Why do people prefer liFePO4 battery with built-in BMS?

LiFePO4 battery with built-in BMS

Nowadays people prefer to use liFePO4 battery with built-in BMS, do you know why? Today SNJO will tell you about the functions and advantages of liFePO4 battery with built-in BMS.

What is BMS

The battery management system (BMS) is a brain of a battery pack. BMS is responsible for monitoring the operating status of each battery cells in the battery storage unit to ensure safety and reliability. Moreover, it protects whatever the lithium battery is installed in (boat, RV, etc.) and the people who are using it.

Functions of BMS

First,the primary function of the BMS is to protect the battery cells from damage caused by being overcharged, over-discharged or short circuit, to extend the service life of the battery.

Second, a lithium-ion cell must operate within a certain voltage range. The BMS balances the charge across the cells to keep each cell functioning at maximum capacity.

Third, BMS monitors cells temperature. Lithium-ion cells have a wide operating temperature range, but overall battery capacity diminishes at low temperatures because chemical reaction rates slow down remarkably, temperature management is prudently essential. A BMS can control the temperature of the battery pack through heating and cooling.

Advantages of the LiFePO4 battery with built-in BMS

Good maintainability

Most LiFePO4 batteries with built-in BMS have low maintenance frequencies and low maintenance costs, making battery replacement more beneficial.

Longer life

The liFePO4 battery with built-in BMS has a low power consumption and a self-protection function, which helps to extend the life of the battery.

Greater safety

LiFePO4 batteries with built-in BMS have the ability to display the battery’s state of charge (SOC) and monitor the battery’s energy flow (charging and discharging processes), which helps to protect the battery’s health and longevity.

After reading the above content, everyone should know why people prefer liFePO4 battery with built-in BMS!